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Billiard club Řipská
Daily 1pm - 1am

  • Billiard 1 x Snooker, 15 x Pool, 4 x Carom
  • Darts 3 machines
  • Warm an cold cuisine Appetizers, main dishes, desserts,...
  • Drinks offer Homemade lemonade, non-alcoholic drinks, beer, wine, distillates, cocktails, coffee,...
  • Billiard shop Carom, pool, snooker cues, billiard chalks, Aramith balls, billiard gloves, cue tips etc.
  • Sport actions Regular billiard and darts tournaments

ATTENTION! During the weekend 10.-11. October, only the restaurant part is open till 8 PM. From Monday, October 12, we are closed until further notice.

Most favourite billiard room in Prague! Reservations by phone: +420 224 251 430, +420 602 444 532. We accept only cash payment.