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Billiard club Řipská
Daily 1pm - 1am

  • Billiard 1 x Snooker, 15 x Pool, 4 x Carom
  • Darts 3 machines
  • Warm an cold cuisine Appetizers, main dishes, desserts,...
  • Drinks offer Homemade lemonade, non-alcoholic drinks, beer, wine, distillates, cocktails, coffee,...
  • Billiard shop Carom, pool, snooker cues, billiard chalks, Aramith balls, billiard gloves, cue tips etc.
  • Sport actions Regular billiard and darts tournaments


  • Happy hours billiard: 1 PM - 6 PM

Most favourite billiard room in Prague! Reservations by phone: +420 224 251 430, +420 602 444 532. We accept only cash payment.


The Billiard club Řipská has a space for electronic darts as well. Three "league" automates provide facilities for up to 24 players.

We offer to all dart fans the possibility to be present right at the dart tournament. Matches in darts are arrangend usually on Sunday evenings. To get the information about the exact dates of matches, please ask our staff in the playroom, whenever.

Regular tournaments

Open dart tournament in 501 double out on 2 winning legs is held every Thursday from 7.00 PM. The entry fee is CZK 100. Presentation is always on the day of the tournament from 7.00 PM