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...into one of the largest and most popular billiard game rooms in Prague where you can play billiards in addition to darts games and sit comfortably with friends or enjoy a fabulous drink and a great dinner.

Iwan Simonis

Better to know...

Newly-clothed tables

In order to provide you the best conditions for your game we coat billiard tables every year.

Great food

Our kitchen is open until late at night. We cook for a day to 01.00 pm

We are proud partners

We sponsor or organize major billiard events

BC Řipská main partner of Europe championship - teams - classic billiards
ČT sport: 14. 4. 2017, 11:25 hod.
You can find a TV report here
We are the main partner of the European Championship of three-member teams in classical disciplines on a match table.
Feel free to come and see the real billiards champions. The tournament takes place 7-9. April 2017 in Žižkov billiard club. The whole event is held under the auspices of the City District of Prague 3 and the Czech Sokol Community. See details here.
We were proud organizers of Federal cup 2017
Take a look at the report from the Czech and Slovak Republic in the interstate match in poolbilliard. Billiard clubu Řipská, 4. 3. 2017.
Eddy Leppens - world three-band vice-champion training promising Czech juniors in Prague!
We support youth training and the development of billiard sport in the Czech Republic and we are very happy that we could contribute to the successful progress of this unique event as one of the sponsors :) The three-band training camp of cadets, juniors and youth coaches of ČMBS led by Eddy Leppens took place in the Prague-based playroom BC Vítkov, on 13–17. July 2016.
ANAG® Billiard CUP
Billiard club Řipská Classic Tour

Billiard shop

New shopping place of billiard accessories in the premises of the club open daily - 7 days a week from 13 to 23 hours.

We offer you the following brands: Iwan Simonis, Aramith, Tweeten (Master, Le Professionel, Triangle), Buffalo, Predator, Laperti, Label9, Cuetec, House Q1, Kamui, Adam, Fury, McFarland, Classic, Riley, Dynamic, darts Harrows, Wimau etc.

You can find here the following billiard accessories: cues, billiard balls ARAMITH, cue tube, cue bags, cue cases, chalks, cue tips, cue top sanders, gloves, brushes, ball cleaners, cloth cleaners, rest heads, ball racks, spots, darts etc.


  • The whole range of all products is visible at our e-shop www.billiard-pro.cz Please choose products, send an order through E-shop and come to pick up your goods to Billiard Club Řipská the next day.
  • Or you can come to shop directly to our club shop daily - 7 days a week 13-23 (the whole range of billiard accessories is almost exposed there)
  • Cash payment upon receipt of goods.
  • We do not accept credit cards.
  • You are not obliged to take the product ordered through e-shop that does not meet your requirements.

Please do not hesitate to always contact our trained staff - billiard experts that will help you to choose the right product for you. If any question regarding our portfolio offered please also do not hesitate to contact us by phone on +420-606-766-132 or by E-mail: info@billiard-pro.cz We speak English.

For smokers we have

...a separate air conditioned space available from the playroom!