The most wanted billiard room in Prague

Řipská 24, 130 00 Praha 3, open daily from 12.00 to 02.00, Reservations by phone: 224 251 430, 602 444 532


New shopping place of billiard accessories in the premises of the club open daily - 7 days a week from 12 to 23 hours.

Regular events

Open dart tournament in 501 double out on 2 winning legs is held every Thursday from 8.00 PM. Presentation is always on the day of the tournament from 7.00 to 8.00 PM

Did you know...

...BC Řipská is opened for you since 1993

Eddy Leppens – vicemistr světa v trojbandu trénuje nadějné české juniory v Praze!

Podporujeme trénink mládeže a rozvoj kulečníkového sportu v Čechách a jsme moc rádi, že jsme mohli přispět ke zdárnému průběhu této jedinečné akce jako jeden ze sponzorů :) Trojbandový tréninkový kemp kadetů, juniorů a mládežnických trenérů ČMBS pod vedením Eddyho Leppense se konal v pražské herně BC Vítkov, ve dnech 13.–17. července 2016.


Why are we the nr. 1?

The entire playroom is fully air-conditioned
We keep comfortable temperature during the whole year
We guarantee newly clothed billiard tables on one year basis
For clothing we use brand SIMONIS
We vacuum billiard tables every day
We vacuum our professional tables Brunswick, Longoni, Søren Søgaard, Helt and Dynamic to keep them in a high quality for your game.
Professional staff
If you need help with the game, our experienced staff is always fully available
Hot and cold dishes until 01:00 AM
Even if you come to us hungry late at night you can be sure we don't let you go hungry away
Successful sports club Řipská billiard club Praha
As a professional playroom we also provide training facilities to republic players. They represent our club.
Today is 28. 2. 2017

...better to know

Newly-clothed tables

In order to provide you the best conditions for your game we coat billiard tables every year.

Great food

Our kitchen is open until late at night. We cook for a day to 01.00 pm

Did you know...

...our poolbilliard team won republic championship in 2010